Butterfly Note Holder

ButterflyThis is an activity you can do with your child or grandchild. I think my grandson would like it if he would slow down long enough to try. Your creation won’t look exactly like the one in the photo, which is the strangest butterfly I’ve ever seen – in fact, it might even be a moth. Anyway, don’t let that distract you from the craft. You could even do extra research about it and then write and tell me.

Anyway, here are the directions:

  • Hold a clothespin to the computer screen and trace a rectangle shape with your mouse for the butterfly body. You can do this in any drawing program.
  • On each side of the body, draw and decorate a large wing. Use the copy and flip functions on your computer to make equal sides.
  • Then print out your butterfly, colour it, and add decorations.
  • Glue the uncoloured side to construction paper and cut it out.
  • Glue the underpart of the body to a clothespin and fold the wings up.
  • Glue a folded twist tie at the top of the closed end for an antennae.

Now find a nice warm place to display those butterflies.

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Self Publishing

You’ve probably heard the saying that inside every person is a book waiting to be written. With the ability to self-publish, it can now become a reality, but often we make the process too difficult. That is, we adults make it difficult. Watch the video explanation that this eight year old girl gives about how to not only publish, but market her books.

Maybe we should watch this with our own grandkids and get them started on the path of creating their own books. Great for their self-esteem and a family forever keepsake as well. What ideas can your family come up with?

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This is another poem that I wrote many years ago. I hope you like it.


I don’t know how to tell you
Just what to do or say,
When thoughtless, shallow people
Turn their heads and look away.

They take their health for granted,
Their eyes and ears and limbs,
And when they see you’re not the same
They sigh and sing their hymns.

I’m sorry you were born this way,
I’d like to make you whole.
But imperfections of the body
Have no bearing on the soul.

There will be times of darkness
When you will sit and cry.
The cruel, heartless staring
Will make you want to die.

They don’t know what it’s like to be
A babe born incomplete.
So raise your head and wipe your eyes,
You won’t accept defeat.

There’s a world out there to conquer.
You can make it if you try.
Don’t let self-pity swallow you.
My child, hold your head high.
©Carol Bremner

Finding that poem reminded me of the awesome life that Nick Vujicic has made for himself against all odds. Born without arms or legs, he motivates young people around the world to be the best that they can be. As well as being able to find Nick’s inspirational videos on Youtube, this is his book, Life Without Limits. Makes you realize that happiness doesn’t depend on our circumstances, doesn’t it?


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Amazing Life Stories


Here’s another great book that you and your older grandchildren will enjoy reading. It’s called ‘Anne Frank and Me’ and tells the story of a modern teen who visits a holocaust museum with her class and is transported back to the days of Anne Frank.

Since much of the story takes place in the concentration camp and the  events leading up to it, the book isn’t suitable for younger readers. Extremely well written, the following quote from the book has become a favorite of mine: “Amazing things happen to people. Then they die. If no one remembers their stories, the memory of who they were and what they did blurs, like watercolor paintings left in the rain. Until, finally, nothing is left on the canvas.”

Those words bring me to tears. Our stories are indeed amazing and deserve to be remembered. Are you taking steps to share yours with future generations?

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Looking Back and Pressing Forward

Every year brings another birthday, another year older, another milestone. Today I’m looking back at life as it once was and pressing forward to another life ahead. Join me as I reminisce, won’t you?

I remember:

  • running up the stairs and still full of energy at the top
  • looking in the mirror and seeing myself
  • thinking quickly, always able to find the words I needed
  • a smiling face without any downward pull at the corners of my mouth
  • clear eyes, alert and active
  • eagerly starting each day as though it was a new adventure
  • a jumble of ideas and ambitions all fighting for space in my mind

But now, those things are all warm and distant memories. Instead my days are filled with new realities:

  • trudging up the stairs, pulling myself with the handrail and pausing for breath, finally reaching the top with racing heart
  • looking in the mirror and seeing my mother
  • often forgetting where my sentences are going
  • mouth and eyes showing the effects of gravity and age
  • slowly pulling myself from my bed each morning

Yet the ideas and the ambitions still fight for space in a mind that is foggier. I’m still me and the world is still waiting to be explored. What about you? Are you pressing forward?


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