Acer Aspire Laptop

My daughter says I am a computer junkie. That may be, but this time it was for my grandaughter. She is in second year university and needs a good laptop. I saw a newspaper ad for the Acer Aspire One for a great price of only $399. So of course I had to go check it out. That model weighs less than 3 pounds and has an 8.9 inch screen, but I thought it might be okay for her.

The store ended up being sold out but there was a comparable style available for me to check the size. I realized that the screen was too small for a student to use as her main computer. I almost needed my magnifying glass to see the icons on the desktop.

The best laptop buy ended up being an Acer Aspire. With instant savings of $200, the laptop only cost me $599 plus tax. Since my grandaughter is in an arts program, a mac computer would probably have been the best one for her, but it was way more than my budget allowed. The Acer laptop has 3 G of memory and a 250 GB hard drive, so it should meet her needs for school. And it looks nice too, even has a built-in webcam – a nice plus since I see her in person so seldom.

Bottom line: grandaughter is all excited about her new laptop, I’m in her good books, saved some money, and I got to feed my computer addiction all in one shot. Not bad.

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