An Icon Does Not a Program Make

While at my sister-in-law’s for a visit, she was showing me her new (to her) laptop. She couldn’t figure out why there would be an icon on the desktop for a cd burner, yet her husband said there was no burner in the laptop.

Since we thought we were smarter than he was, we decided to go ahead and try it anyway. We clicked the icon, the program installed the cd burner software and we gloated and bragged about how smart we were.

Then we got a blank cd, put it in the drive and told the program to burn away. Guess what? Nothing happened.

My brother-in-law patiently explained to the two red-faced women beside him that the laptop had a cd drive, not a cd burner, so no matter what software might be installed, it still would not work. He knew because it used to be his laptop.

Just for the record, we were not being stubborn, but women just like to see things for themselves.

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