Beginning 2018 With a Plan

If you’ve been following my journey this past year, I knew I wanted to do something more purposeful and that could help women to improve their lives financially. I also knew it should have something to do with virtual work, since the women would usually not be able to find or keep traditional jobs because of challenges with health, age, family responsibilities, or background. Volunteering at a local women’s prison and with a prison aftercare program have both strengthened that desire in me. So far, my path looks like this photo:

impossible climb

What I want to do seems so high and impossible to get to. But I have been making progress and thought you might like to see my steps so far.

  • My goal is to start an incubator to help women grow an income virtually. It will offer companionship, accountability, brainstorming, training as needed, and job leads.
  • I’ve got two other ladies on board with me to do whatever is needed and have registered a business name and domain names.
  • There will be a non-profit side of it and a for profit, so I need to register the non-profit (no experience with that at all) and do all the data needed for that.
  • The incubator will have an online membership component for women outside of the area and a physical location in my downtown area, close to transportation – that place still needs to be found, although there are a couple of possibilities. I’ll need computers, chairs, and desks for the offline location. Plus some cozy furniture for our times just being together.
  • We have an idea of the services and training we can offer and what will set us apart.
  • Our two needs now are to find out what services and content topics marketers and business people may need, and to connect with those people who will need our services and content.

I’m excited, although I realize it’s a long term vision and I may have to climb a lot higher than I ever have before. I’d love your feedback and advice as we move forward.

Have a great 2018,


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