bald man with glasses sitting on a park bench with water in the background working on his laptop

Why It’s Never Too Late 2 Learn

Below is the text of an article I wrote a couple of years ago, detailing my journey in self-education. At 60 years old now, I’m still learning, still trying to push myself past my comfort level. Why, do you ask, when I could be rocking on my front porch and reading a juicy novel? Because […]

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dark grey mailbo with a red "@" internet sign flag turned up sign "No Spam" red circle with a line through it on the front of the mailbox

You Know More Than Many

If you’ve been on the Internet any length of time, you no doubt know more than many of the people around you. I was at a ladies’ get together last night, to bid farewell to a friend leaving for the States. It was the first time I had met a number of the women. One […]

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grey and black home office all in one printer with paper in the tray and an orange "on" button

Laser Printer Fumes

I have an older laser printer, but it still works well and lasts for a long time before I have to change the ink cartridge. It’s a Brother printer, in case you’re interested and even though it’s over five years old, I was able to download a driver so that it would work with Vista. […]

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photo of a 30 something female doctor with long brown hair wearing a white lab coat and blue scrub top holding a stethoscope

Find a Doctor

You may not think that your computer could help you find a doctor, but it sure can! We moved to a new city and one of the first things we had to do was find a new doctor. So how do you know if the doctor is any good? The ones that people recommended were […]

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The Value of Brainstorming

Mom (80 years old) and I attended an Internet marketing workshop today. At least we tried to attend. A couple of hundred people managed to get in to hear the speaker, but about 50 of us were left in the hall since there were no more seats. Some of the people were ready to riot, […]

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Computers For Communication

I was at the local computer store the other day, and as usual, I had a look at their computers. Besides all of the wide and wider screen laptops, there were two models that were about 7 inches wide and I wondered why anyone would want such a small laptop. Well, a few days later, […]

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