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Constant Learning Necessary For Internet Marketing

I have decided that every weekday I will act as though I were in college and spend time learning Internet marketing. Although at the rate I am going, I may become the oldest marketer that ever lived. No matter, I need to keep on, bit by bit.

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Never Too Old To Learn Internet Marketing

My 80 year old mother and I decided to get together regularly to study Internet marketing. I thought we might meet for about half an hour, but we ended up talking for over two hours. Its so much more enjoyable to brainstorm with someone else and this is helping us both focus. Now we just […]

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Combat Information Overload By Slowing Down

Information Overload Every day lately, I’ve been getting emails about seminars and new products that I would love to buy and attend, but I’d have to be a millionaire first. How do people decide what to focus on? I read that you should find one or two people on the net that you admire and […]

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Trials of Learning Internet Marketing

I’ve got too many ideas and now that some of them are starting to take form, I’m getting a little nervous. As of now, I’ve got my two websites up: motivatedtolearn.com and creativehomecomputing.com and have a fair bit of content on each. I transferred my newsletter from the Creative site to the Motivated one since […]

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