Keeping in Touch

Activities To Share With Your Grandkids

Since summer is stretching ahead of us and your grandkids will probably be bored before you know it, I’ve got some ideas. These are excerpts from my guide called “How To Create Newsletters Your Grandkids Will Treasure.” I’ve chosen a few of the hobby and activity related ideas and hope you can make use of […]

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Facebook and Grandkids

One of my grandaughters, almost a teen, lives not too far away. Yet I don’t see her very often because she is involved with her friends, school, and a budding social life. For quite a while it seemed that there just wasn’t a way to keep in touch with her. She was always too busy for […]

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The Lost Art of Thank You

When my kids were growing up, my husband’s mother faithfully sent them a card and money every birthday until they were eighteen. With our six kids and the children of my hubby’s six siblings, those were a lot of  birthdays to remember. When our kids received these gifts, they were always pleased, and would have […]

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