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Activities To Share With Your Grandkids

Since summer is stretching ahead of us and your grandkids will probably be bored before you know it, I’ve got some ideas. These are excerpts from my guide called “How To Create Newsletters Your Grandkids Will Treasure.” I’ve chosen a few of the hobby and activity related ideas and hope you can make use of […]

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The Lost Art of Thank You

When my kids were growing up, my husband’s mother faithfully sent them a card and money every birthday until they were eighteen. With our six kids and the children of my hubby’s six siblings, those were a lot of  birthdays to remember. When our kids received these gifts, they were always pleased, and would have […]

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Newest Spam Email Trick

Seems the spammers are continually coming up with new tricks to find out if they are sending emails to a real live person. Once they do that, they can continue to bombard you! So hopefully you never click a link on a phony email, even the ones on the bottom that say “if you don’t […]

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Problems With Outgoing Mail

Another thing that needed to be done with my new computer was setting up my email. I use Outlook Express since it’s included with my system and I quickly had my email ready to go. For a couple of days I happily read my email, then I tried to send a reply. Problem – my […]

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E-mail Back-up and Relocator

My old desktop finally crossed into the computer graveyard and was replaced by another old, but not so sick, desktop computer. I hated to say goodbye to my email and my address book, so I thought I’d be smart and buy a software program called E-mail Back-up and Relocater, by Fogware. It was easy to […]

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My youngest son owns a couple of iPod repair shops in Toronto, so he keeps up with all the latest products from Mac. He got himself an iPhone and brought it with him when he visited us. It’s a neat looking little thing with very clear graphics and the capability to not only talk on […]

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Dangerous Email

These days I’ve been getting all kinds of welcome emails for various special interest membership sites. At first I thought maybe someone else was signing me up for them, but I was hesitant to click the link, just in case it was a virus. Recently I found out that they are indeed spam and had […]

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PayPal Scam Email

I received an email today, supposedly from Paypal, saying that my account had been charged for a Dell computer. The price was over $500 dollars and the supposed name and address of the person who received the shipment was also included. A similar email came a few months ago, although not quite as detailed, so I […]

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