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EBay Scam Email

My mother was quite upset the other day when she received an email from eBay saying that her account was suspended. It looked so official, she was sure it was real. When I told her that I get those emails too and that she should go to the eBay site and sign in, then check […]

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PayPal Scam Email

I received an email today, supposedly from Paypal, saying that my account had been charged for a Dell computer. The price was over $500 dollars and the supposed name and address of the person who received the shipment was also included. A┬ásimilar email came a few months ago, although not quite as detailed, so I […]

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Confessions of an Email Addict

A few days ago I tried a new spam blocker and it really did a good job. Instead of over 200 emails a day, I’ve been getting about 20. You would think I would be more than happy, but instead it’s made me realize I’m an email addict. I hate getting so few emails, even […]

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