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google search bar showing the history for someone's latest searches

Today In History

Your first challenge is to search the web and find out what happened today in history. (Depending on which day you take the challenge, your answers may be different.) Then let all of us know how your search went. Was it difficult?  Did you find any unusual facts?  Anything else that you discovered? Using google as your starting […]

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little red haired girl wearing a lacy blue dress sitting on a brown kitchen chair playing on a small violin

Public Domain Classical Music

One of the ladies in my computer club was looking for some public domain music to add to the slideshow she had created in Windows MovieMaker. We found some good classical music at Let me know what you think of it and which songs were your favorites, will you? Do you still call them […]

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mockup of a laptop on a wooden table

Free Computer Help

Component Compatibility I bought a small keyboard for my laptop at a computer show the other day and found that the connection didn’t fit when I got it home. I can use it on my old laptop, but it reminded me of the importance of making sure that components are compatible. Just found a site […]

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certificate of completion to certify that Carol Bremner was successful in the online course Learn How to Create the Perfect Slide Presentation

Beginner Computer Tutorials

Found a site with free tutorials for beginners in Microsoft Office, basic computers, web design, and programming. It’s called Home and Learn. I just had a quick look since no time right now for a lesson, but they seem fairly detailed. You can also take a free exam and if you pass, pay (in British […]

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photo of an array of men and women from around the world attached by kines on a grid showing how networking across space happens


I have been learning to create a wiki. A wiki is a site that allows multiple content writers. Wikipedia is probably the best known wiki on the net. You can create a free wiki that can be accessed by anyone, or can be kept private and used by the people that you choose to invite, […]

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elderly woman's hands tyoing on a laptop keyboard which sits on a wooden table

Blogs By Seniors But what if you don’t know what type of blogs you want to even read? Or what if you have a wide interest in everything? Here are some other links you can check out with a wide range of topics. Searching For Blogs Find blogs on your favorite topics

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Crazy Talk

I’ve been playing with a new program that I have called ‘Crazy Talk’ and having a great time. I recorded my voice and attached it to a birthday card that features an animated picture of a dog (can’t help it, I like dogs). The dog’s lips move and my voice comes out – very cute. […]

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