Acer Computer Repair Update

After having no luck resolving my problem through emails to Acer, I phoned their customer support and was patiently dealt with by a young techie for a whole hour. He walked me through a number of possible fixes and finally decided that my hard drive was partitioned improperly and they would have to give me […]

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Acer Frustration

I have a new Acer computer with Windows Vista. It took a while to get used to it but I’m doing okay now. The only problem is, I keep getting a message that there is no hard drive space left, even though it’s a 160 Gig hard drive. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong […]

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Dragon Naturally Speaking

I finally bit the bullet and bought Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9. It’s speech recognition software that turns talk into text and is faster and more accurate than typing. You can do e-mail, instant messaging and surf the web – all by voice. Well, I like this product very much so far. It says no […]

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Kids Digital Camera

I recently purchased a digital camera for my grandkids to use. Called “Kids Cam Digital Camera”, it’s advertised for ages six and up, but my three-year-old grandson was using it and had no problems at all. The camera supposedly takes 152 pictures , but that must be if you purchase a memory card or something. […]

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WordPress Plugins

One reason I love using WordPress for my blog is because of all of the great plugins that are available. Some of them are a little complicated to set up, so I haven’t tried them yet. But the majority so far are fairly simple. There is a sticky plugin, which I use to keep certain […]

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Zipping Files

Most of you are probably familiar with unzipping files when they are either sent to you or downloaded from the Internet as a zipped file. It’s usually just a matter of clicking on the file, selecting the unzip option and you’re done. But I had never zipped files up myself before. Why would I want […]

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Uploading Pictures to WordPress

This is a WordPress blog and a little more complicated to insert pictures. I upload the pics to my site and then to insert it, I have to type a path showing where the picture is located. The path has to be exactly right, otherwise instead of seeing my nice photo, you’ll see a small […]

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Word toolbar

New Microsoft Office

Since I have a new computer, I also have a trial version of Microsoft Office 2007. Maybe I’m just old and set in my ways, but I don’t really like the new version of Word. There are so many buttons and options at the top that it took me five minutes to find out how […]

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