Firefox Stops Forgery

I just found another reason I’m thankful to be using Firefox as my new Internet browser. I received an email telling me to check my credit rating with Equifax. I’ve wanted to do that for awhile, so didn’t think twice about it and clicked the link to take me to the Equifax site. Next thing […]

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Image Sharing on a Mac Computer

If you are a mac computer user, I have a good image sharing program for you to check out. You can snap a picture of a website, capture a chat moment, take a screenshot of an application, quickly sketch an idea, even add notes with arrows and circles to point out specific things. You can […]

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I attended my first webinar on the Internet recently and found it very intimidating. I signed in and then couldn’t hear anything and the screen on the site was a static page. I had no idea what to do next! There was a phone number to call into as well, so I took that to […]

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Firefox and Firewalls

No, this is not a tongue-twister, although it could be if you say that title over and over as quickly as you can. (It’s amazing how easily I can be amused). Anyway, my mother, who is 83 years old, and a good example of a life-long learner, was having computer trouble. She had just downloaded […]

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I have been learning to create a wiki. A wiki is a site that allows multiple content writers. Wikipedia is probably the best known wiki on the net. You can create a free wiki that can be accessed by anyone, or can be kept private and used by the people that you choose to invite, […]

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external hard drive

External Hard Drive Case

As a lover of shiny, new gadgets, I now have an external hard drive. Not your everyday, takes-up-a-lot-of-room-on-the-desk hard drive either. Since I have this almost ancient desktop that I bought at a great price because mine was on it’s deathbed, I lacked hard drive space. This one has about 10 gig (I think that’s […]

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MP3 Speaker Bear

I have become the proud owner of a cute and cuddly, 9 inch tall, huggable speaker bear. He looks like your regular teddy, except that the soles of his feet are speakers. He has a connection wire on his back to plug an mp3 player into. He’s light enough to carry from room to room, […]

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Cruzer USB Flash Drive

I bought a device called a USB flash drive. It’s about the size of a fat marker (some are even smaller)and plugs into your computer USB port. This is much better than saving temporarily on a disk because it’s more like a mini hard drive and will store the equivalent of about 44 floppy disks […]

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