Free Computer Help

Component Compatibility I bought a small keyboard for my laptop at a computer show the other day and found that the connection didn’t fit when I got it home. I can use it on my old laptop, but it reminded me of the importance of making sure that components are compatible. Just found a site […]

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Beginner Computer Tutorials

Found a site with free tutorials for beginners in Microsoft Office, basic computers, web design, and programming. It’s called Home and Learn. I just had a quick look since no time right now for a lesson, but they seem fairly detailed. You can also take a free exam and if you pass, pay (in British […]

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ValuSoft Office Suite

I’m testing Office Suite by ValuSoft to see how I like it. The software is WAY cheaper than Microsoft Office – I think I paid about $25 for mine at the local computer shop. For some reason, a friend of mine had trouble finding a copy, but I’ve seen it in a few different stores […]

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For those of you who have a hosting service or ever find a need to upload a file to a server, this post is for you. I have tried to learn and understand how to ftp a file (upload it) for a long time, with no success. Then I downloaded an ftp program called Filezilla […]

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Norton Back to Haunt Me

I have spent most of my day trying to get through to Symantec about a problem with my Norton Anti-virus program. It no longer works, so I would like it fixed, especially since I paid to have it updated online. Next time I will buy my anti-virus from a computer store, so I have the […]

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Firefox Stops Forgery

I just found another reason I’m thankful to be using Firefox as my new Internet browser. I received an email telling me to check my credit rating with Equifax. I’ve wanted to do that for awhile, so didn’t think twice about it and clicked the link to take me to the Equifax site. Next thing […]

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Image Sharing on a Mac Computer

If you are a mac computer user, I have a good image sharing program for you to check out. You can snap a picture of a website, capture a chat moment, take a screenshot of an application, quickly sketch an idea, even add notes with arrows and circles to point out specific things. You can […]

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I attended my first webinar on the Internet recently and found it very intimidating. I signed in and then couldn’t hear anything and the screen on the site was a static page. I had no idea what to do next! There was a phone number to call into as well, so I took that to […]

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