Back Up With Mozy Before You Break Down

Envision this: my laptop has just died, but I have rescued my hard drive and connected it to my desktop computer. Feeling secure that my data was now safe, I merrily start typing away. Suddenly my screen goes black and my computer powers off. Heart attack city, here I come! My first thought is do […]

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Lightscribe May Not Be Included

Recently, I was at a computer store that was selling a DVD re-writer that included Lightscribe (technology that allows you to burn text and images right onto a cd or dvd) at an unbelievably low price. I quickly purchased one and as the clerk was writing out my bill, mentioned how I was looking forward […]

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Non-Working Mouse

For some reason, my mouse doesn’t always work. There doesn’t seem to be any reason and I haven’t done anything new with my computer. After much trial and error, I found a little trick. Don’t know if it will work for you, but go ahead and try this – if you press “restart”, the mouse […]

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Why Use Two Monitors?

Right now I have two monitors set up with my laptop. I always wondered why anyone would need to use more than one at the same time. But tonight I am really enjoying it. One one monitor, I have my blog open and am typing away. On the other monitor, I’m watching episode six of […]

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Windows Vista

On Saturday I bought a new computer. Today I returned it to the store. Why? Because Windows Vista and all the little add-on trial programs made the computer so slow that I was ready to scream and throw it out the window. I bought an HP at a great price and was looking forward to […]

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Unzipping and Organizing

It seems this is the third time I’ve written about organizing my computer files. Every time I think they’re under control, I realize I can’t find a product I bought and downloaded. This time I took every print-out of a downloaded file or program, numbered it and wrote the corresponding number, along with the item […]

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cpal wrist sprint

Wrist Support

Another new product I bought at the drugstore for under $10 is a wrist rest that you put on like a bracelet. Mine is called a C-Pal and gives my wrist extra support. I have already had carpal tunnel surgery and don’t want to injure myself again, so I like this idea. So far, it […]

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Two Expensive Mistakes

It seems I learn best by making mistakes, but some of them cost me a lot of time and money. The two biggest errors for me were: 1. taking the time and effort to figure out how to do or fix something on the computer and then not remembering how to do it again because […]

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