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Cost of Living Calculator

Thinking about moving to another city? This neat site will show you how much more or less money you will need

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Computer Tutorials For Seniors has some great tutorials under ‘Online Courses and Tutorials’ for computer tasks and internet lessons, or ‘Personal Computing Center’ for scanning, digital cameras, and HTML help.

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Trying CafePress Today I have been going from frustration and tears to elation and smiles, all because of a website. I decided to try getting my own store up on Cafe Press, but it was so hard to get the picture saved properly. I opened a photo I had and cut away part of it, […]

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avery magnetic photos

Magnetic Pictures

Avery White Printable Magnet Sheets These are so neat, I really liked them. The package costs about $10 or more for 3 letter size sheets, so it isn’t a product I will use for everything. But if you plan your design so that a number of things can be printed on one sheet and cut […]

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No, this is not a wheel for a sports car. It’s an inexpensive little gadget (under $25) that you plug into the USB slot (called a port) which looks like a narrow rectangle at the back of the computer. This port is where you would normally connect your digital camera, web cam, flash drive, or […]

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Scrapbook Programs

There are a number of good scrapbook creation programs. They allow you to place text and photos in existing layouts, so your design always looks nice. Check for extra features like a spell checker, ideas to get your writing started, or information about what happened on a certain date in history. Many publishing programs, such […]

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