Need a WordPress Sticky Plugin? Not Any More!

For any of you who are using the old adhesive plugin with your WordPress blog, once you upgrade your WordPress, the plugin won’t work anymore. But there is an update called the Sticky plugin. (EDIT: just found out you no longer even need to use the sticky plugin with the latest versions of WordPress! YAY!) […]

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Using the “Yet Another Related Post” Plugin

Since I’ve got a fair bit of content on this blog now, I wanted to be able to show related posts that I’ve done in the past. There are a few different WordPress plugins for that. The first I tried was the Related Post plugin, but I wasn’t sure how to make it work. Non-techy […]

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WordPress Lessons Learned

More WordPress trials and lessons learned these days. First, my WordPress template clashed with a plugin I’d added and wouldn’t work anymore.  The solution was to have the information installed in the template code and now it shows on every page at the top and in the sidebar. Not quite what I wanted, but I’m leaving […]

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Backup and Restore Your WordPress Blog

As you can see, I am finally back online. After a number of back of forth emails and long chats with tech support, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did what I always do when I want to know something. You guessed it, I did a Google search for a video […]

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WordPress Theme Error Update

Fatal Error Changing WordPress Theme For some reason, I always have to learn every computer lesson the hard way. This time, it involved changing the theme (or appearance) of one of my other blogs. It’s usually an easy process – one click on the theme of your choice and you can see how it looks. […]

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WordPress Plugins

One reason I love using WordPress for my blog is because of all of the great plugins that are available. Some of them are a little complicated to set up, so I haven’t tried them yet. But the majority so far are fairly simple. There is a sticky plugin, which I use to keep certain […]

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Comment Moderation

I just made a discovery about my comments feature. When I was having so much trouble with spam, I had to stop allowing comments, and I couldn’t figure out why I was still getting them. Later, I installed the Akismet plugin that catches spam (and does a great job too) and turned the comments back […]

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New Look

Since I am still having trouble with hundreds of porn comments being submitted, in spite of the comments being disabled, I am trying a different wordpress theme. WordPress has a number of different looks and is easy to change, even for a non-techie like me. Some of the themes are a little hard on the […]

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