New Look

Since I am still having trouble with hundreds of porn comments being submitted, in spite of the comments being disabled, I am trying a different wordpress theme. WordPress has a number of different looks and is easy to change, even for a non-techie like me. Some of the themes are a little hard on the […]

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Dealing With Spam Comments

I am going crazy on this blog, trying to keep away the spam comments. None of them can be shown on the blog until I okay them, but I seem to be getting over 50 a day and most of them are porn. It sickens me to have to look at what is written so […]

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Video Tutorials

I found a great site today for video tutorials on some aspects of Internet Marketing and using WordPress blogs. Since I am a visual learner, these were well done and easy to understand. The site is tubetorial.com Tubetorial Video Tutorials Are you one of the many people who learns better by watching a video? Whether […]

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