Computers For Communication

I was at the local computer store the other day, and as usual, I had a look at their computers. Besides all of the wide and wider screen laptops, there were two models that were about 7 inches wide and I wondered why anyone would want such a small laptop.

Well, a few days later, I found out the answer. We were at an anniversary party in North Bay and I noticed one older gentleman sitting at a table typing on one of those laptops. I went over to check it out and tried to start up a conversation. The man didnt answer, but continued to type, so I looked at the screen. He was explaining that he had throat surgery two years before and was no longer able to talk. Then he went on to type about how much he was enjoying the party. At that point, someone else came over and tried to speak to him. Rather than type his explanation all over again, the man had saved all of his past comments and showed them on the screen whenever specific questions were asked.

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