Confessions of an Email Addict

A few days ago I tried a new spam blocker and it really did a good job. Instead of over 200 emails a day, I’ve been getting about 20. You would think I would be more than happy, but instead it’s made me realize I’m an email addict. I hate getting so few emails, even though the others were junk.

To make matters worse, I’m also an information junkie, the worst possible combination. I keep thinking that one of those deleted emails might have been something that I really should know about. I’ve started to check the discarded emails just in case.

Lately, I have to force myself not to check for new mail every few minutes. Instead of saying goodnight to my husband in the other room, I send him an email. The thought of going away and not being online for a day or two is almost too much for me to imagine.

I need help!

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