Dangerous Email

These days I’ve been getting all kinds of welcome emails for various special interest membership sites. At first I thought maybe someone else was signing me up for them, but I was hesitant to click the link, just in case it was a virus.

Recently I found out that they are indeed spam and had I clicked the link, I would have been told that unless I saw the “lock” at the bottom of my browser, I would need to download and install their “security patch” to make sure my information would be kept confidential. Of course, if I had followed those instructions, someone else would now be able to access my computer.

Apparently, there is also a deadly email going out that claims to be from YouTube, claiming to have not-nice videos of you. The URL looks like it points to YouTube.com, but really links to a different site and when you get there and download the supposed video, your computer is infected with a Trojan virus. So be careful and don’t think this might just be a joke email from a friend.
I am at the point that I never click attachments in emails and am beginning to wonder if I should do the same with links. It’s a shame that some evil people have to ruin it for everyone.

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