Dangerous Email

These days I’ve been getting all kinds of welcome emails for various special interest membership sites. At first I thought maybe someone else was signing me up for them, but I was hesitant to click the link, just in case it was a virus.

Recently I found out that they are indeed spam and had I clicked the link, I would have been told that unless I saw the “lock” at the bottom of my browser, I would need to download and install their “security patch” to make sure my information would be kept confidential. Of course, if I had followed those instructions, someone else would now be able to access my computer.

Apparently, there is also a deadly email going out that claims to be from YouTube, claiming to have not-nice videos of you. The URL looks like it points to YouTube.com, but really links to a different site and when you get there and download the supposed video, your computer is infected with a Trojan virus. So be careful and don’t think this might just be a joke email from a friend.
I am at the point that I never click attachments in emails and am beginning to wonder if I should do the same with links. It’s a shame that some evil people have to ruin it for everyone.

Always be on the lookout for any type of scams. In this day and age, you never know what people are getting up to for harm or just to pass the time.

Spam Greeting
These days, spammers are trying all kinds of ingenious ways to get you to either part with your personal information or open an attachment that could potentially contain a virus. The emails I’ve been getting lately have been from someone described as a friend or a former classmate or relative who has sent me a greeting card. The actual name of the person is never mentioned and there is an attachment for me to open if I want to see the card and the name of its sender. I’ve made it a rule never to open attachments, but there are times my curiosity almost gets the better of me. Then I remember that curiosity killed the cat.

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