Definition of a Warrior

I read a great definition of a warrior from ‘The Kids’ How To Do (Almost) Everything Guide. It contains some great values for our grandkids and I’m paraphrasing the points:

  • Warriors believe in themselves.
  • A warrior gets help when needed.
  • A warrior doesn’t make excuses when he or she messes up.
  • A warrior does the unexpected.
  • Warriors set deadlines, are persistent, and learn from their mistakes.

I think if we could install some of these values in our grandkids, our future generations would be pretty awesome. So next time your grandboy starts to get upset and says he can’t do that puzzle, or your grandgirl cries when she makes a mistake on the picture she’s drawing, encourage them to stand up and be a warrior!

Update: I’ve searched all over Amazon and that book is now hard to find, so I’ll try to find some other possibilities.


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  1. This is a list that most of us grownups should follow as well

      • Gramma C
      • Tuesday

      You are right on that Bridget. Don’t know how much of a warrior I am myself. I think the hardest one for me is getting help when needed. I have a bad habit of trying to do it all myself and then getting burnt out.

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