Digital Camera Helps With Moving

I recently moved to a new home and hated the thought of putting my china cabinet back together. I have a lot of keepsakes and it took me forever to arrange them all.

I decided to take a picture of each section of the shelves with my digital camera. After the move, I unpacked the cabinet contents and set them all on the table. Checking each picture on the camera, I was then able to choose the pieces that were grouped together and re-arrange them in their original places.

Thanks to my digital camera, organizing the cabinet was fast and easy. Try this idea with any collection that you need to move and set up again.

Speaking of other tools and equipment you can use to help you out around the home, I recently got a new label printer that I think might be pretty handy in the organization of some of my new shelves in both the kitchen and my office. Here is a little more info regarding the device:

My New Label Printer

My newest gadget and birthday present is a little label printer and it’s so cute. I wasn’t sure if I would use it that much, but tonight it came in very handy.

I’m having a baby shower for my daughter and rather than wreck my wrist writing (say that quickly), I printed off the address on labels and pasted them on the invitations.

They look nice and saved a lot of time and effort. Tomorrow I’ll do the envelope labels and I’ll be all set.

I didn’t like doing labels with my regular printer because it was so fiddly getting the data nicely centred. But this little printer does them perfectly every time and I can add little pictures, print all different sizes, and like I said before, it’s cute.

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