Do You Need Encouragement?

Time passes so quickly. Here we are after over two years of dealing with a pandemic and we are starting to see an end to the crisis. We have all had many struggles, but guess what? We are still here, still breathing, and the sun still comes up every day. We have much to be thankful for.

We’ve also had many times of grieving and lost loved ones, and although we may never understand why some things have been allowed to happen, we still have hope for a future, and a Father God who loves us not matter what, even when we find it so hard to love ourselves!

Right now we need encouragement as never before. So I’d like to invite you to attend a free faith-based virtual Love Changes The World Summit.  Carrie Wilkerson and a number of other great encouragers (including me)  will be speaking to inspire and empower you to become the person God wants you to be.

Faith Summit

I hope you’ll join us September 27-29th! Be encouraged, inspired, and empowered at this free faith-based virtual 3-day summit, Love Changes The World.


p.s. I’m going to be going live on my Facebook page at all week to tell you more about not only the summit, but how you can use technology to get your story out. I hope you’ll join me.

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