E-mail Back-up and Relocator

My old desktop finally crossed into the computer graveyard and was replaced by another old, but not so sick, desktop computer.

I hated to say goodbye to my email and my address book, so I thought I’d be smart and buy a software program called E-mail Back-up and Relocater, by Fogware. It was easy to install, but I didn’t have much success at all. I guess my computer is too old, because the program took too much room and I wasn’t able to use it.

Next, I tried to save the info on a cd – not enough room for the data. Then I tried saving it onto my flash drive, still not enough storage space. (Yes, I know I had too much stuff).

Finally, I ended up picking and choosing only the information I couldn’t do without and copying it in pieces unto my flash drive.

Not a good solution, I know. And since this other desktop has a short lifetime left, I need to save for a newer machine and find a better way to transfer my email.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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