For some reason, most of us are intimidated by Internet tools. We need an expert. And we spend a lot of money on those experts, but do we really need to?

Hi, my name is Carol Bremner and I call myself a non-techie online marketing specialist. That means I use Internet tools, but I don’t have any idea about how they all work.  Can you relate to that?
When you drive your car, you may not have the skills to be a race car driver, but you can still get safely from point A to point B. And that’s all you need to know!
Promoting your business on the Internet is like driving that car. You don’t need to know all about the engine before you can go anywhere. If that were the case, the auto manufacturers would be bankrupt.
Have you hired someone to design your website, but now you can’t make changes without contacting your webmaster for every little change? Or have you decided to take the plunge and create a website yourself?
The good news is you can do it, using Wordpress on your own hosting service and with your own domain name - without spending a fortune! Take a look at my Easy Wordpress Course content below:

Course Content in Video Format

Deciding On Your Wordpress Look

Wordpress Settings

Wordpress Themes

Wordpress Widgets

Wordpress Pages

Wordpress Posts And Permalinks

Formatting Wordpress Posts

Adding Links And MediaTo Wordpress

Wordpress Menus

Wordpress Plugins

Updating Wordpress

Also includes a Wordpress Checklist and Quick Start Guide

Ready to make your mark on the world?

Don’t wait any longer. People need what you know!