External Hard Drive Case

As a lover of shiny, new gadgets, I now have an external hard drive. Not your everyday, takes-up-a-lot-of-room-on-the-desk hard drive either.

Since I have this almost ancient desktop that I bought at a great price because mine was on it’s deathbed, I lacked hard drive space. This one has about 10 gig (I think that’s the techie term). But I had a much loved laptop that died the week before (there’s something in the electricity here) and it had an 80 gig hard drive, full of my most valuable digital possessions.

So, clever old gal that I am, I bought an external hard drive case (about $25) and put my laptop hard drive into it. The case is a sleek silver beauty about the size of a cigarette case and has cables that plug into my desktop computer’s USB port.

Voila, I now have an extra hard drive on this old machine and since I am saving my work onto the external, when the old computer dies, my stuff will not go with it. Perfect!

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