External Laptop Fan

Why would I need a fan for my laptop, you ask? Welcome to the rant of the day.

I have a Toshiba laptop which I like very much. I like the 17 inch screen. I like the big hard drive and having enough memory. I like that it has Windows XP instead of Vista (that I really like). What I don’t like is the fact that the last while it has started shutting itself off. Not fun when you are in the middle of writing something, but I have learned to save my work often.

I decided that it must be overheating, so I trotted my little self over to my favourite computer store (I won’t mention their name because I have applied to work there twice now with no success – and yes, they do have other old people on staff). Anyway, I bought myself a special fan that sits under the laptop and plugs into a USB port. My son has one and it works well for him. It was on sale, so cost me about $40. Reasonable if it worked. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

The fan does cool my laptop and keeps it from overheating, but it is still determined to shut down at regular intervals. Next stop – the computer repair store. Can nothing in my computer life go smoothly, or is there no such thing in all of geekdom?

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