Facebook and Grandkids

One of my grandaughters, almost a teen, lives not too far away. Yet I don’t see her very often because she is involved with her friends, school, and a budding social life. For quite a while it seemed that there just wasn’t a way to keep in touch with her. She was always too busy for grandma.

But then I started using Facebook to keep in touch with my other kids and grandkids in various parts of the country. That way I keep up with what everyone is doing and get to see all their newest photos. And the above mentioned grandaughter also likes to post on Facebook.

So I started little one line conversations with her there. If she posted that she was worried about tomorrow, I would ask why. And when I found out that it was because of a test or something, I’d ask her about it the next time we talked on the phone.

Before long, the relationship began to warm up, all because I took the time to get to know my preteen on her terms. Do you use Facebook to keep in touch?


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