Are you mentoring a creative child?
This is the age of the Kidpreneur. Why not nourish that entrepreneurial spirit in your Superkids?

 I'm Carol Bremner, and as a Gramma, I want to encourage the enterprising young people in my life to reach their full potential and realize how special they can be, no matter what their age. That's why I created this guide and why I hope you share it with your next generation.

Has Your Superkid Caught the Kidpreneur Bug?

Is the young person in your life struggling to figure out what to do to earn their own money? Does she have so many creative ideas she doesn't know where to start?
Why not do all you can to help?


This guide is a 43 page easy read, full of ideas and inspiration to get you both going.


Some of the things you'll find inside the guide:

  • Helping your Superkid to realize their potential and the possibilities that might be available to them as a young entrepreneur

  • Examples of successful Kidpreneurs - some of them still in grade school

  • Ideas for products and services

  • Links to video tutorials for products to create

  • Where to advertise and sell

  • Tips for having a booth at a business or craft fair


Meant to be read with your precious Superkid from 5 to 12 years old,
it's filled with images and information you will both love.


Only $7 - downloaded immediately to your computer