Membership Has Its Advantages

Hi, I’m Carol Bremner, one of a select breed called SuperGrammas. We use technology as a superpower to become a hero to our families. Join us and become a valued member of the SuperGramma community.

Why not become the best you can be and positively influence the next generation, while becoming the hero of your own story.

Why join us as a member of the SuperGramma community?

What can you expect?
Community, encouragement, advice, easy tech, and activities.

Meet weekly online with other superwomen who value relationships, personal growth, significance, teamwork, contribution to society, life-long learning and fun.

For members who choose to become involved, we will collaborate and share our experiences and expertise in published works that will be sold and the proceeds given to charity.

As well, whenever I create a new training or other digital product, charter members will save at least 50%. That means we can shop, work and learn together, and it all benefits others as well as ourselves!

Here is the tentative schedule:

  • Week one we will have a topic about our lives and will share experiences
  • Week two will be a virtual outing – we will watch a travel presentation or a short documentary together and discuss it
  • Week three we will have a member volunteer to share their expertise with the group and answer questions
  • Week four will be a guest presenter. For example, a travel consultant, a health expert, someone from a non-profit
  • There will also be Zoom breakout rooms for special interest groupsĀ  such as books, gardening, crochet and knitting, travel, games, and movies. Whatever the community decide they would like to discuss.

Founding members pay only a $5 one time fee for as long as you remain a member.
Not only that, but your fee will go to help a local charity.
If the thought of helping in that way thrills your heart,
you will have the option of changing the price in your cart and paying as much as you like (over $5)

Cancel anytime, although you will miss all the perks of membership.


Find the joy that comes from reaching your full potential while helping others.