My Podcast Experience So Far

online radio microphoneFor the past two years, I’ve wanted to start a podcast. But the process seemed way too intimidating. I took three different podcast courses and still was intimidated. Finally I decided enough was enough and at the beginning of 2017 I started my podcast – Purpose For Your Life. And guess what – I love doing it!

I decided to work with what I could do instead of waiting until the podcast was perfect. That means even though most podcasts have intro and outro music or a professional introduction, mine doesn’t. But something is better than nothing. I can’t use most of the capability of the Audacity program, but I’ve learned it well enough to do minor audio editing. Getting the podcast out became more important than whether I’ve repeated the word ‘so’ three times or not. In the future I’ll probably make the podcast more professional, for now I’m satisfied that every week my message is getting out there.

I did pay to have my audio files on the Libsyn platform, but for only $5 they not only host the files, they also send my podcast to iTunes every time I record a new episode. If you have a WordPress website, Libsyn even has a plugin that adds the recording to your site as well. That came in really handy when I was travelling for two weeks. I was able to schedule my podcast episodes to go out two separate Mondays, just as though I was at home. Bet you couldn’t even tell I was away, could you?

Have you got things you’ve always wanted to do but the excuses keep you from achieving your goal? Why not forget about getting it perfect and focus on getting it done? People need what you know, don’t hold back and let them down.

Start sharing your story,


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