Need a WordPress Sticky Plugin? Not Any More!

For any of you who are using the old adhesive plugin with your WordPress blog, once you upgrade your WordPress, the plugin won’t work anymore. But there is an update called the Sticky plugin.

(EDIT: just found out you no longer even need to use the sticky plugin with the latest versions of WordPress! YAY!)

When I first installed it, I thought it wasn’t there, because it didn’t show up in the Publish Status field anymore. Now you have to scroll down, down, down to the bottom of your page and you’ll find it listed under Advanced Options.

So I found it and selected “Sticky” and then it worked, right? Of course not – this is a computer, remember? Next I tried selecting “Announcement” within the Sticky options and it put my post right at the top, just like I wanted it to. Again, I have no idea why this is. If anyone can tell me when I would use the Sticky selection in options, please let me know.


So, would you like to know how to use the new WordPress theme plugin? Well, stick with me a few minutes and I will show you the steps to follow. You actually won’t believe how easy it is.

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