Psalm 9:10 – Never Forsaken

The book ‘Misfits Welcome’ by Matthew Barnett tells the story of a broken man named Barry. In spite of the terrible life he had lived, once he trusted in God, he never again felt forsaken.

Barry had an abusive childhood. He had been locked away in at attic until he was seven years old, having his food brought to him and being cut off from the rest of his family. Barry didn’t find out until later on in life that he had been hidden away because the family felt disgraced because his birth was the result of incest.

As a result of the neglect, Barry was experimenting with drugs by the time he was eleven and became a teen addict. In spite of the drugs, Barry still managed to get a college degree and a good job, got married and had a family. But the drug use continued and eventually Barry lost everything. At the age of 40 he was homeless and living under a bridge. Under the bridge became his home for 17 long years. Kids called Barry the Bridge Troll because he had hair down to his waist, a long beard, and was very dirty.

Then one day someone saw Barry and cared. They took him some food and invited him to church. He went and his life began to change. Six years later, Barry went to Bible school and now he cares for the homeless and shares his story. Barry was the kind of man we would pass by and say “He is too far gone to change,” but God created him as a beautiful masterpiece.

Next time you pass someone on the street, remember the story of Barry and see them the way God does.

Psalm 9:10 – Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.


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