Newest Spam Email Trick

Seems the spammers are continually coming up with new tricks to find out if they are sending emails to a real live person. Once they do that, they can continue to bombard you! So hopefully you never click a link on a phony email, even the ones on the bottom that say “if you don’t wish to receive any more emails, click here”. Unless you signed up in the first place (which is doubtful), they are just phishing to see if you’ll take the bait.

But the newest thing the spam artists have been trying with me is to request a receipt when I open the email. What that does is sends a reply to them saying you indeed got the email. The thing is that often the default on your email is set so that you don’t even know when your computer is sending one. So check your email options and make sure that you are notified every time someone requests a receipt.

Then when your email program tells you the sender would like notice of receipt, make sure you click “no” and the spammer will never know he almost caught you.

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  1. Isn’t it the truth? Great advice on a subject that anybody who’s been online
    for even a short time time knows about

  2. Thanks Robert. It’s too bad that spam email has to be such a part of every computer user’s life. And the spammers seem to spend hours thinking up new ways to trick us into giving them our information.

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