Make Money Online Blog Challenge is a blog about beginning to make money online and right now I am part of their challenge to make at least $100 online in 2007. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but the most I have made in three years is about $15. Just goes to show Internet Marketing is not quite […]

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Excel Spreadsheets

My mother uses an Excel spreadsheet to plan her monthly budget. One month’s activities are copied and pasted to a separate worksheet and the figures changed to reflect the current month. For example, January’s budget can be copied and pasted to a February worksheet. Then the month and any figures can be changed as required. The Excel program calculates totals and provides any formulas needed. […]

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Video Tutorials

I found a great site today for video tutorials on some aspects of Internet Marketing and using WordPress blogs. Since I am a visual learner, these were well done and easy to understand. The site is Tubetorial Video Tutorials Are you one of the many people who learns better by watching a video? Whether […]

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Blogs By Seniors

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Searching For Blogs

Find blogs on your favorite topics

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Starting a Blog

In simple terms, a blog is a web log, usually about a specific topic, posted on a web site on a daily or regular basis. You can also post pictures and it’s free. To start your own blog, go to

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Cost of Living Calculator

Thinking about moving to another city? This neat site will show you how much more or less money you will need

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Computer Tutorials For Seniors has some great tutorials under ‘Online Courses and Tutorials’ for computer tasks and internet lessons, or ‘Personal Computing Center’ for scanning, digital cameras, and HTML help.

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