Trying CafePress Today I have been going from frustration and tears to elation and smiles, all because of a website. I decided to try getting my own store up on Cafe Press, but it was so hard to get the picture saved properly. I opened a photo I had and cut away part of it, […]

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Lulu Self Publishing

Publishing A Real Book I have just been to visit a service available online to the general public and I was impressed with what I saw so I thought I would share with you. If you have always wanted to write your own book or publish a book of your photos or art, the service […]

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Magnetic Business Cards

Instead of paying for promotional materials, why not create your own? These can be easily made using magnet paper from your local office supply store. The paper will need to be cut on a paper cutter after, but makes nice business cards that people can stick up on the frig. Use printable magnet paper for […]

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Adsense Frustration

I am not really frustrated with adsense as much as with my lack of HTML skill. Now that my blogs are in WordPress, I have to re-do the placement of the adsense code. As far as I remember, it was fairly simple¬†when I was using Blogger. But not so with WordPress, I have been fiddling […]

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Which Hosting Service to Use?

First of all, I don’t do HTML. I did learn, but I would rather spend time writing my content than trying to remember codes. So, many web hosts use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). They also support HTML, if you’d rather use it. Find an inexpensive hosting service that has all kinds […]

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avery magnetic photos

Magnetic Pictures

Avery White Printable Magnet Sheets These are so neat, I really liked them. The package costs about $10 or more for 3 letter size sheets, so it isn’t a product I will use for everything. But if you plan your design so that a number of things can be printed on one sheet and cut […]

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No, this is not a wheel for a sports car. It’s an inexpensive little gadget (under $25) that you plug into the USB slot (called a port) which looks like a narrow rectangle at the back of the computer. This port is where you would normally connect your digital camera, web cam, flash drive, or […]

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Scrapbook Programs

There are a number of good scrapbook creation programs. They allow you to place text and photos in existing layouts, so your design always looks nice. Check for extra features like a spell checker, ideas to get your writing started, or information about what happened on a certain date in history. Many publishing programs, such […]

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