Never Too Old To Learn Internet Marketing

My 80 year old mother and I decided to get together regularly to study Internet marketing. I thought we might meet for about half an hour, but we ended up talking for over two hours. Its so much more enjoyable to brainstorm with someone else and this is helping us both focus. Now we just […]

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mockup of illustrated room from paint program like

Building Houses in Paint

The seniors’ computer club is going well and the ladies are always so enthusiastic. Last week we played with the paint program that comes with Microsoft Windows and had great fun drawing houses. Imagine all the grandchildren who’ll be putting gramma’s creation on the frig for a change! Would you like to try your hand […]

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model with long brown hair in braid making a face of boredom with mouth hanging open

Does Anyone Listen?

Yesterday I looked at a blog called the World’s Most Boring Blog (or something like that) and each entry was one or two sentences, such as “Took off my glasses. Put them on the table.” It was so dumb I couldn’t help laughing. But now when I go to write, I wonder if my blog […]

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Fighting a Trojan Virus

My Norton antivirus issue has finally been resolved and I am using my main computer again. A trojan virus had wrecked my windows files so much that I had to reformat the computer, but now it’s good. Norton’s final help was to realize that my account hadn’t been activated since I bought it online last […]

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Crazy Talk

I’ve been playing with a new program that I have called ‘Crazy Talk’ and having a great time. I recorded my voice and attached it to a birthday card that features an animated picture of a dog (can’t help it, I like dogs). The dog’s lips move and my voice comes out – very cute. […]

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Computer Lessons Recently Learned

These are the computer lessons I’ve learned the last few weeks: 1. Keep a computer journal – every time you have a problem, write it and the solution down. When the same problem comes up again (which it often does), you know what to do. With a memory like mine, this has saved me a […]

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front on look of an grey older version laptop with keyboard

Searching For A Laptop

I decided since my travel time is so long, I should buy a laptop so that I can get some stuff done then. After checking prices and stores for a few weeks, I found a store that sold used laptops for reasonable prices. The one I liked was missing the charger, so I had to […]

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Confessions of an Email Addict

A few days ago I tried a new spam blocker and it really did a good job. Instead of over 200 emails a day, I’ve been getting about 20. You would think I would be more than happy, but instead it’s made me realize I’m an email addict. I hate getting so few emails, even […]

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