child climbing

Persistence and Practice – Lessons From My Grandkids

These days, while watching my two grandchildren during the day, I am learning a lot of lessons from them. I’m learning persistence from four-year-old grandson. Each day he tries to throw his hat on our coat rack. Since he is aiming for the highest hook, that’s not an easy task. Sometimes it takes him fifteen […]

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A Poem About Children

I was going through some old files of mine and came across a little poem I wrote in 1995 – And yes, I have three boys who are two years apart. The format is actually four lines per stanza, but for the sake of space, I’ve made it into two. I hope you enjoy it […]

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Childproofing Your Home

Now that I’m back to watching little people at my house, I have to think about things like childproofing. Here I thought my home was pretty safe. Silly me. Grandbaby girl can spot a crumb on the floor at a hundred yards away. She delights in trying to open all the cupboards and has radar […]

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Celebrating Your Accomplishments

A perky young friend of mine has decided that instead of starting the new year with resolutions that often won’t be fulfilled, we should instead celebrate all the things we’ve accomplished in the past year.  So thanks to Lisa, I’m trying to rack my brain and remember what I can. Lucky for her my long […]

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Travel Ideas

If you feel like travelling these days, I’ve found a few websites full of ideas. I’m thinking about warm places I would rather be, especially when it’s so cold here I can barely stand the walk from my car to the store. For those of you who don’t mind the cold, there is a mix […]

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Grandaughter Michelle

Our Future Artist

One of my granddaughters is in her third year at the Ontario College of Art. During 3rd year, if your marks and portfolio are very good, you have the option of taking your year at their campus in Italy. Of course she said yes and is having the time of her life. Only problem is […]

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Believe In Your Grandkids

It’s amazing how much a child can accomplish when others believe in him. In fact, that can probably be said for most of us. When others see the best in us, it helps our self-worth, no matter what our age. I found an encouraging video that I wanted to share with you. But it’s no […]

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Raising Confident Grandkids

When my husband was a boy, he often heard the words “be careful”. I’m afraid I was the same way with my boys. But my daughter encourages my grandson to try new things and doesn’t hinder him with her fearful thoughts. As a result, he is very outgoing and comfortable in new situations – many […]

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