Facebook and Grandkids

One of my granddaughters, almost a teen, lives not too far away. Yet I don’t see her very often because she is involved with her friends, school, and a budding social life. For quite a while it seemed that there just wasn’t a way to keep in touch with her. She was always too busy […]

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Receiving Money Through Paypal

I had a little problem with my PayPal account recently. I had some money in my PayPal account, but I had been paid in Canadian funds. And then I bought something on eBay. I had to pay it in American funds. I’d thought that the money would just come out of my PayPal account. But […]

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Checking Flight Arrivals

These days, with the weather so changeable, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no flight delays before you head out to the airport. Here in Toronto, I checked the flight arrivals at GTAA (otherwise known as Pearson airport) before going to meet my daughter’s flight. I was so pleased to have found […]

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WordPress Lessons Learned

More WordPress trials and lessons learned these days. First, my WordPress template clashed with a plugin I’d added and wouldn’t work anymore.  The solution was to have the information installed in the template code and now it shows on every page at the top and in the sidebar. Not quite what I wanted, but I’m leaving […]

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Kijiji and Craigslist Scams

I read recently about a rental scam on Kijiji. Some disgruntled tenants advertised the fixtures in the home they were renting. The renters said that the house was being demolished and people could freely take what they needed before it was torn down. No one seemed to think it sounded too good to be true, so people came and […]

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Paypal Phishing Emails

I’m a bit nervous to be posting again since I’ve had so much trouble with my updates being sent to my list multiple times. I’m really sorry that happened and I’ve been assured that the problem is resolved, so here goes. I’ve posted before about getting false emails from Paypal, telling me my account had […]

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Have a Bonding Day

One of my grandaughters is in second year university, a two hour drive away from us. She had a couple of days break over the holidays and came out to visit for a bit. We had a wonderful afternoon together doing what she liked best – shopping and the hairdresser. Our day started at noon so […]

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The Lost Art of Thank You

When my kids were growing up, my husband’s mother faithfully sent them a card and money every birthday until they were eighteen. With our six kids and the children of my hubby’s six siblings, those were a lot of  birthdays to remember. When our kids received these gifts, they were always pleased, and would have […]

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