PayPal Scam Email

I received an email today, supposedly from Paypal, saying that my account had been charged for a Dell computer. The price was over $500 dollars and the supposed name and address of the person who received the shipment was also included.

A similar email came a few months ago, although not quite as detailed, so I was not too worried. Rather than click the link included in the email, which is what these scammers want you to do, I went to the Paypal website and signed in.

My account had not been charged, but it was a reminder that I should probably check it on a regular basis, just in case.

Here is another scam you should maybe be on the look out for so you can avoid them.

EBay Scam Email

My mother was quite upset the other day when she received an email from eBay saying that her account was suspended. It looked so official, she was sure it was real.

When I told her that I get those emails too and that she should go to the eBay site and sign in, then check her account, she would probably find everything was fine.

Sure enough, there were no problems with her account, but for an eighty-two year old lady, that kind of email was distressing.

Everyone will probably get a scam email sooner or later, so always go to the site to verify your account, never respond to a link on the email. They are just pfishing for your information.

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