Receiving Money Through Paypal

I had a little problem with my PayPal account recently. I had some money in my PayPal account, but I had been paid in Canadian funds. And then I bought something on eBay. I had to pay it in American funds. I’d thought that the money would just come out of my PayPal account. But since the money was in Canadian funds, they wouldn’t take it. Instead, they took it from my bank which took two weeks. If I had realized that, I could have had the funds changed into American. That would’ve solved everything. Now I know for the future. Thankfully, the eBay seller was more than accommodating.

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  1. Typical Pay(through the nose)Pal.Since I don’t remember if I told you the latest bs I suffered or was subjected to by PAYPAL so I won’t unless somebody specifically asks about it

    My motto is if anything else is available for a online purchase use it. Am surprised that PAYPAL didn’t have there hand out for some of the bailout money.

  2. No, you didn’t mention your recent Paypal trials. You are welcome to vent here, just keep it kid friendly. If there was another service that offered all that Paypal does, I would gladly switch, but so far haven’t heard of one.

    My daughter went through a lot of problems with them too. Got it all resolved to her satisfaction, but it took months of calling them.

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