Combat Information Overload By Slowing Down

Information Overload

Every day lately, I’ve been getting emails about seminars and new products that I would love to buy and attend, but I’d have to be a millionaire first. How do people decide what to focus on? I read that you should find one or two people on the net that you admire and concentrate on learning from them. So I am going to follow Lynn Terry more closely because I like her style, she knows her stuff and is getting more well known all the time. And I wish I had her energy.

I finally got another website up at and am in the process of moving all of my newsletter and article archives from I decided to give Ready Websites another chance since it’s been a year since I hosted with them and so far I am quite pleased. They have a lot of nice options, so I’m glad they’ve fixed their old problems with slow servers.

Once again I’ve been starting to feel Information Overload. So I decided to go back to the beginning of learning online business and start again, slow and steady. I purchased a great course some time ago, but then I started putting up websites and writing newsletters without studying half of the course. As a result, I’ve probably taken twice as long to do things than if I spent the time doing the course first. Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson.

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