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Wrist Support

Another new product I bought at the drugstore for under $10 is a wrist rest that you put on like a bracelet. Mine is called a C-Pal and gives my wrist extra support. I have already had carpal tunnel surgery … Continue reading

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Two Expensive Mistakes

It seems I learn best by making mistakes, but some of them cost me a lot of time and money. The two biggest errors for me were: 1. taking the time and effort to figure out how to do or … Continue reading

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Spam Greeting

These days, spammers are trying all kinds of ingenious ways to get you to either part with your personal information or open an attachment that could potentially contain a virus. The emails I’ve been getting lately have been from someone … Continue reading

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Picasa Photo Editing Program

Picasa is a free photo editing program available from Google. It can easily fix red-eye, crop unwanted areas, change colors and a number of other neat effects. After seeing all the great features of the Picasa program, I wanted to … Continue reading

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