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Amazon Kindle

  If you missed watching it on Oprah, here’s the scoop. I’m saving my pennies. [tags]Amazon Kindle, video[/tags]

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Editing Email Contacts in Vista

I had a question from one of the seniors at our computer club yesterday. In XP, it was a simple matter to remove contacts in Outlook Express. You just went into the address book and deleted them. But she couldn’t … Continue reading

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Backup and Restore Your WordPress Blog

As you can see, I am finally back online. After a number of back of forth emails and long chats with tech support, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did what I always do when I … Continue reading

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Picture At World Internet Summit Toronto

My mother and I really enjoyed out time at the World Internet Summit Toronto. This is the first time it was ever held in Canada. There were a couple of highlites for us: one was meeting a lot of the … Continue reading

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World Internet Summit Toronto

Right now, I’m attending the World Internet Summit in Toronto. This is the first time the summit has come to Canada – four days of top Internet marketing speakers showing us how they think, how they work, and the products … Continue reading

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Computer Club Update

I started a new computer club at the community center here in town. When we lived in Toronto, I ran one that became very popular with the over 50 crowd. And we didn’t even have computers there. We just discussed … Continue reading

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