The Joys of Technology

I must admit, even though I am a sucker for anything new and different, I am not overly impressed with most of the things I try. But recently, I found the greatest little Internet helper. I have been spending a lot of time in a small town an hour from Toronto, helping to watch my youngest grandson. I go for a lot of long walks with the stroller, so the exercise and fresh air have been great. My only problem has been that they have no Internet access.

Until now, that is. I sit here, writing and surfing the Internet, even though they still have no service. My little helper is a portable modem from Rogers that plugs into any electrical outlet and captures some kind of tower signals. I get great high speed Internet with no hassle at all. A cord that looks like a telephone cable goes from the modem and plugs into the back of my computer. Two seconds of set-up and I am off to any site I choose.

This service is not available everywhere yet, but unless you live out in the country, it should work. Rogers had to check the area my daughter lives before I signed up since it involved a one year contract. The monthly charge is quite reasonable and I am one happy surfer.

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