ValuSoft Office Suite

I’m testing Office Suite by ValuSoft to see how I like it. The software is WAY cheaper than Microsoft Office – I think I paid about $25 for mine at the local computer shop. For some reason, a friend of mine had trouble finding a copy, but I’ve seen it in a few different stores now. It comes in a cd sleeve rather than a box and there is no printed manual with it, but to save a few hundred dollars, I can live with that. There is also a registration code that has to be typed in when the software is installed.

I know I could use WordPerfect, but I still have nightmares about using the original version of it, so I’m not keen to try it again – although a lot of people love using it.

Anyway, back to the Office Suite review. The toolbar looks very similar to Microsoft Office (I’ll refer to the latter as MO for short) and also allows conversion of your document to PDF format. So far, using the word document is simple and easy. Office Suite is MO compatible, has applications for Word and Excel documents, and photo editing.

Although not advertised on the cd, my copy included a limited edition of Print Workshop (compatible with Avery templates, which is a plus).

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