Windows Vista

On Saturday I bought a new computer. Today I returned it to the store. Why? Because Windows Vista and all the little add-on trial programs made the computer so slow that I was ready to scream and throw it out the window. I bought an HP at a great price and was looking forward to using it. I have an old HP that’s been around for years and it’s still working fine, so I was more than disappointed with the performance. And I blame it all on Vista.

Update: The computer store salesperson told my husband that the computer we returned didn’t have enough memory to even be running Vista in the first place. But they still sell it that way – go figure.

Maybe I could have tweaked the programs, but with the new set-up, I couldn’t even get it to remove the Yahoo taskbar on Internet Explorer. I deleted it, but it was determined to stay there.

So I guess I can’t buy a new PC, since they all come with Vista, although I hear that Dell is allowing people to choose. I’ll have to check it out.

If I sound a little crabby today, I am. Thank you, Mr Gates.

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