WordPress Plugins

One reason I love using WordPress for my blog is because of all of the great plugins that are available. Some of them are a little complicated to set up, so I haven’t tried them yet. But the majority so far are fairly simple.

There is a sticky plugin, which I use to keep certain posts always at the top of the page, a spam comment catcher which is amazing, and a podcast plugin which I hope to try soon.

These plugins can be found at various sites on the Internet and are then downloaded to your computer. The next step is usually to unzip the file and read any instructions that are included. Then the plugins need to find their way to your website file manager and into the folder marked wordpress plugins, which is usually in a folder called wp-content. Trust me, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

Your plug-ins can either be uploaded from your site or you can use an ftp program on your computer to send them. Once the plugins are in the plugin folder, they will show up on your wordpress Plugins tab where you click for a one time activation.

If you do a google search for wordpress plugin video tutorials and watch one, my instructions will make more sense to you.

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