WordPress Theme Error Update

Fatal Error Changing WordPress Theme

For some reason, I always have to learn every computer lesson the hard way. This time, it involved changing the theme (or appearance) of one of my other blogs. It’s usually an easy process – one click on the theme of your choice and you can see how it looks. If you don’t like it, click on another and change your blog again. I’ve done it lots of times and it’s always easy.

But not this time. I found some new themes and uploaded them to my hosting service. Clicked on the theme I liked and suddenly got the fatal error screen. Not only that, but I couldn’t go back to my administration panel or access any part of my blog. Two years of writing gone in five seconds.

I’m still feeling sorry for myself today, as I wait to hear if my hosting service tech support can fix my mess or not. I did do a backup of the content, but probably about two months ago. So any new posts won’t be there. And since I can barely┬áremember where I live half the time, no way could I re-construct any of the writing.

There’s my sad tale for the day. And what was the lesson I learned from it? No matter how easy a change to my blog might seem to be, I should always do a full backup first. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world, but it bugs me just the same. Please tell me I’m not the only one that seems to make every mistake known to man?

Yay! I managed to fix my other WordPress blog and I got back all of my lost content! As you can tell, I am thrilled, and it was so easy.

I got an answer to the email I sent to my tech support at Netfirms. He told me to go into my themes folder and delete the problem theme. Then the content would revert back to its default appearance. It worked and my blog is as good as new.


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  1. I noticed you had an error in your Blog Theme. Click here if you wish to fix it.


  2. Thanks Eric. My problems seem to be because I need to use this theme with a later version of wordpress. I am in the process of changing hosting services and will have the newer one then. For now I will suffer with this unrelated one, since it seems to be the only one that works very well.

    But thank you for letting me know about the tweak for that theme. I may need it later.

  3. Hi Eric, just to let you know, I did try your theme fix, but I still had trouble, so decided to stick with this one. Thanks again.

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