Zipping Files

Most of you are probably familiar with unzipping files when they are either sent to you or downloaded from the Internet as a zipped file. It’s usually just a matter of clicking on the file, selecting the unzip option and you’re done.

But I had never zipped files up myself before. Why would I want to, you ask? Someone wanted me to send them a number of files, so they had to be zipped or they would be too big for my email program to handle. Besides that, a zipped file keeps confidential items safer until they reach their destination.

Using the zip program I already had, it was just a matter of creating a folder (some zip programs call it an archive) and then clicking add and selecting each file I wanted to include in the zipped material. Took all of 5 seconds or so and I was done.

Last step was to create an email and insert the zipped file as an attachment. Oh, another tip -if you are sending a private message email from a forum, you can’t attach a file there. You’ll have to send it with your regular email program.

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