Be a Hero

The warrior hero family tree.I think this verse about sums up how I feel with regard to people, no matter what their background or circumstances:

1st Peter 4:10 – God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.

As a result, I’ve begun to make friends with people that I may not have had in my life and am realizing how special each of them is. I may be offering my time and some of my finances, but those I serve have also become a real blessing to me.

These are the causes that I either volunteer with or support financially and are dear to my heart.  If you feel led to donate to any of them, thank you:

Friends For Life Uganda – Did you know there are many young orphans in Uganda? A friend of mine travels there on a regular basis to visit a number of the kids that she is helping to care for. Through donations like yours and mine, we can sponsor some of these orphans and make sure they are not only given a home, food, and clothing, but the ability to attend school and learn to grow up to be self-supporting adults some day.

Covenant House – this is an organization in Toronto, Canada that cares for young people that for many reasons have ended up on the streets. They give them food, a place to sleep, educational help, and guidance regarding their futures.

Dismas – a community for ex-offenders to realize how much God loves them. They meet monthly in various cities for games, a meal, and a time of singing and fellowship together.

In the past I went monthly to a Dismas meeting within Grand Valley Women’s Prison and have come to know and love each of those dear ladies. We all make mistakes, they are paying for theirs and regret their choices. One day they will be released and re-building their self-esteem and healing their brokenness starts here.

Nightlight – Imagine how it would feel to have no family, no friends, no money, and no community? Sometimes not even a home. Nightlight exists to help solve this relational poverty. We meet three nights a week, play games, do puzzles or color, have coffee and snacks at no charge and gladly give the gift of friendship to all who walk through the door. I volunteer there once a week, serve coffee, and have the privilege of watching people blossom simply because someone cares.

These are some of the wonderful organizations that are working to bring healing and wholeness to a broken world and I’m proud to be a part of what they are doing.