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Hi there, this is Carol Bremner (TorontoCarol on Twitter), and I’m a Supergramma. I’m really not better than any other grandparent, but I have a secret weapon. It’s called my computer.

When I was 45, I worked in a university library. We didn’t have computers then and I was quite happy at my job. Then one day the whole place was computerized.

I thought there was no way I could learn those machines at my age, so I transferred to the new daycare opening on campus. I spent a year there, taking care of the babies, but missed the library.

So I transferred back, determined to learn. I also started taking computer courses during the summer when my hours were cut. And guess what happened?

I realized I loved using computers. I got so good at it, I began teaching other people.

Then I realized technology was exactly what I needed to strengthen the bond with my grandchildren. Most of them live a distance away, so I don’t want them to forget about me. And on this blog, I’m hoping to also help you to “turn the miles into smiles”.

Contact me at:
carol @supergramma .com